About Karol

During his many years of work as a wood carver and gilder, Karol Milewski has shown a particular passion for the creation of picture frames. In his work, he taps into the knowledge gained from his previous experience as a restorer of antique mirrors, as well as creating convincing copies of masters such as the great Chippendale.

 His passions – wood carving and water gilding, are an integral part of creating frames for paintings and other cherished creative work. The specialist technique of water gilding does not differ from the techniques used many centuries ago. The same ingredients such as gesso, clay; paint and also veneer are used in the same way. Also the same tools are as indispensable today when searching for the highest quality in this art.

 His clients include renowned museums, as well as London major art galleries and private collectors who are all searching for a tasteful finish for their prized artifact, which will form a synergetic part of the artwork as well accentuating its qualities and adding to its overall beauty.